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What does a PRO like Procircular bring to the table?

We are a PRO of domestic, commercial and industrial packaging.

We are a multi-material packaging SCRAP born with the vocation to provide service to producers of any sector for the management of all types of packaging: industrial, commercial and domestic.

At Procircular we offer our services nationwide, regardless of where the waste is generated.

Our purpose is to help packaging companies meet their EPR obligations and complete their circularity objectives throughout the entire packaging life cycle, from eco-design to separate collection, sorting and recycling, thus completing the circle of the circular economy.

Join us to complete the circle

    ¿Cómo has conocido Procircular?

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    Our member companies will be able to benefit from:

    • Consulting

      Advice on compliance with the ERP for your company, with a personalized service of high added value and with an international focus.

    • Personal manager

      Assignment of a personal manager who will answer your questions.

    • Participation

      Participate in our sectoral prevention and eco-design plans.

    • Support

      Support with the Product Producers Registry.

    • Training and events

      Organization of specific webinars for our member companies on the topics of greatest interest.

    • Flexibility

      All of this, with no PRO membership fee.

    What do we offer?

    Our Services

    We want to be your partner in the PRO.

    Our model is based on providing value to our customers, with an open and flexible approach, we want to respond to your needs. Thanks to our extensive experience in other countries, we take the circular economy to another level.

    Our company

    How we operate to bring the circle full circle.

    Our scope of action will be national, covering the entire territory in order to be able to provide a service to the producer regardless of where the waste is generated.


    We are Procircular. Operated by Reclay Iberia

    Procircular, operated by Reclay Iberia, is part of the international Reclay group, which has been operating EPR systems in Europe and America for more than 20 years.


    Procircular, the first PRO for all packaging in Spain, is born

    Procircular is born, the first SCRAP for all packaging in Spain


    Reclay is a “trendsetter in the German economy.”

    Reclay supports global EPR models

    What does Procircular bring to your company?

    All your packaging in a single system

    Procircular takes care of all types of packaging and materials, so you can have a single point of contact to answer your questions and manage your packaging waste.

    International experience and national experts

    We count on the solid experience and know-how of the Reclay group in the management of packaging and waste and in the implementation of the EPR. Reclay manages 9 extended producer responsibility systems for the collection, sorting and recycling of various materials and products for more than 35,000 customers in Europe and the Americas.

    A participatory governance model

    As a producer, you will be able to collaborate in the decision-making process. Procircular encourages the collaboration of all actors involved in the value chain, and offers equal access to information for all member companies.

    We provide customized solutions and consulting services.

    The new requirements of the EPR pose important challenges for producers, in Procircular we will be at your side to help you.

    About us

    Procircular is a PRO managed by Reclay, a leading company in the application of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) throughout Europe. Procircular relies on the international experience of the Reclay group in the implementation of PROs for waste in other countries with a focus on the European territory, among which Germany stands out, where it has been managing a PRO in a competitive environment for 20 years. A team with service vocation, get to know us: